Our Cattle

How are your cattle fed and finished?
Our cattle are 100% grass and whiskey mash fed and finished.
Are your cattle raised in a feedlot?
No. Our cattle spend their entire lives in the beautiful hills of Middle Tennessee on our family farm. During the year they are also fed grass hay and whiskey mash in the pastures on the farm.
Are your cattle given growth hormones or implants?
NO. Our cattle are allowed to grow in accord with their nature on their own schedule. If an animal were to get sick, we would provide appropriate veterinarian care.

Our Beef

How is the beef processed and packaged?

Our beef is individually vacuum-sealed in clear packaging and frozen at our local USDA processor. It is handled under constant below freezing temperatures until delivery to your home.

Our Process

How much freezer space will I need for bulk beef?
1/8 Beef Share: We recommend approx. 1-2 cubic ft. of freezer space for our eighth beef boxes. (This will usually fit inside the freezer portion of a large residential refrigerator/freezer combo)
1/4 Beef Share: We recommend approx. 3-4 cubic ft. of freezer space for our quarter beef boxes.
1/2 Beef Share: We recommend approx. 6-8 cubic ft. of freezer space for our half beef boxes.

Whole Beef: We recommend approx. 12-16 cubic ft. of freezer space for our whole beef boxes.
Do you ship?
Yes, we ship locally and nationwide through our partnerships with USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.
Do I have to be home when my order is delivered?
No, your shipment will be left at your door. It will be solidly frozen, but we recommend opening it and putting your meat in the freezer as soon as possible.
We pack the meat morning of shipping using dry ice and the most environmentally sustainable and functional cooler material available.
We only ship frozen beef (the meat is frozen at extremely low temperatures). When you thaw out frozen meat, you keep all the nutrients, juices, and flavoring that you’d have from a fresh piece of meat.
The dry ice normally evaporates before arriving at your door. There is no reason to be concerned, as long as the product feels cold to the touch, the quality of the meat will be the same and it is safe to eat.