Embracing the philosophy that food is powerful remedy, we recognize it's pivotal role in nurturing resilient and flourishing rural communities.

Join us on a journey dedicated to attaining self-sufficiency in food production and cultivating a vibrant local food source to champion good health benefits.


We take immense pride in providing beef that is exclusively fed and finished on a diet of grass and whiskey mash.

Rest assured, our beef is free from any added growth hormones or implants.

Raised in open pastures, locally processed by USDA standards, and conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

Our commitment to quality is reflected in our 14-day dry aging process, enhancing both tenderness and flavor.


Farmer's Recommendations

WHISKEY RIVER BEEF is accepting deposits for our 2024 shares.

How to Shop Our Beef

Step 1:

We ship Orders on Mondays,

arriving at your door within 24-72 hours

Step 2:

You can shop online or give us a call (615) 645-7337

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Select your beef options

Step 4:

You get the benefit of small town farming

and the convenience of front door delivery

Our Commitment to Your Satisfaction

When you choose Whiskey River Beef, you do so with unwavering confidence, knowing that we guarantee your satisfaction.