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Whiskey River Beef

Whole Beef Package - Deposit

Whole Beef Package - Deposit

Regular price $850.00 USD
Regular price Sale price $850.00 USD

Whole Beef Reservation Details

Deposit Due Today: $850

Remaining Balance Based on Final Weight: $2,850- $3,550

Total Amount: $3,700- $4,400

What's included?

Grass and Whiskey Mash fed and finished, pasture raised, local Tennessee beef.

  • Steaks - #70lbs including cuts such as Ribeye, New York Strip, Tenderloin, Top Sirloin, Delmonico, and Flat Iron (depending on cut order)
  • Ground Beef - #200 lbs individually vacuumed sealed, 1lb portions
  • Other Cuts -#110 lbs including cuts such as roasts, short ribs, brisket, stew and fajita meat (depending on cut order)

We're accepting deposits for our next processing dates.

The $9.75 per finished lbs. price includes;

  • USDA processing.
  • Beef portions frozen and vacuum-sealed for freshness.
  • Shipped to your door

Your take-home weight will vary depending on the live weight of the animal and how our local artisan butchers cut and process it. The average range for finished weight on a whole beef is 380-450lbs.

Your $850 deposit is applied toward the total purchase price. We will invoice for the final payment after processing.

With whole beef shares, we use our standard cut sheet, but you may request a custom cut sheet. Our standard cut is the most popular way to process our beef. It includes 1lb ground beef portions, 2-3lb roasts, and steaks cut to 1.25-inch thickness. 

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