Raving Fans



The unwavering healthy option to purchase locally raised and processed beef was just what the DR ordered. Having fought most of our lives with some sort of medical deficiency we opted to try the farm to table healthy approach for our family. WOW what a decision. Not only do we feel better however, we eat better as a family. We cant thank Whiskey river beef enough for their time and education to a cleaner, healthier option for our family.  

- Dave B



We discovered and met the farmers at Whiskey River Beef at a family outing. To say we were immediately energized is an understatement. After further discussions with the family, we decided to buy an eighth beef share to try and see just how efficient, healthy, and amazing it would be for our time, health, and lifestyle. We were completely in shock. We have since become a half beef share club member and will never resort to buying beef at the supermarket again.  

- Jeff H



My family  is a rather large family. We are a family of 7, and that requires many trips to the grocery store for beef on a very regular basis. Not knowing , until now , just what we as a family were eating and at what cost, we decided to purchase a Beef Share from Whiskey River Beef. Needless to say, that was the best choice for our family, and one we love. We now have saved our family a ton of money in grocery store visits, and created a much healthier lifestyle for all of us. We love Whiskey River Beef.  

- Nicole B



Having been a bit of a health nut my whole life, I have come to realize the healthier options for my family. Having found Whiskey River Beef, we made a decision to commit to our budget, life, and balance. This opened the opportunity for us to shop their store and products. I am a bit of food snob and I must say, I absolutely love everything about their beef and their products. Hands down the best.  

- Lauren W 



My family and I have been huge health advocates for many years. Since the introduction to farm raised beef, specifically Whiskey River Beef, our lives has transformed for the better. Our beef is absolutely AMAZING, it has and will be the best option for our family going forward. YUMMY, healthy BEEF, what more can you ask for!!!!!!

- John P.



My husband and I love our BEEF from WHISKEY RIVER BEEF. Having been introduced to Farm Raised Beef has changed our lives. We have the convenience of stocking up on our shares to keep our grocery store trips to a minimum, and allowing for our family of 6 to enjoy DELICIOUS, HEALTHY BEEF. My family and I absolutely love our GRILL NIGHTS, to entertain, or just be with family. I highly recommend Whiskey River Beef, its the healthiest, most delicious beef with a TWIST :-).

- Shelia B.



I was recently turned on to some Farm Raised Beef provided by Whiskey River Beef. WOW!!!!!!! I will never buy grocery store beef EVER. This experience has changed my view and families outlook on the qualify of beef we can buy from our friends at WHISKEY RIVER BEEF. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for providing such a Healthy, and Stable BEEF for our family.

- Alissa W.